Performance versus productivity: Getting high performance by using compilers, simple code rewrites and professional libraries. Evaluation using dense matrix transpose.

Figure1: Regular Memory (RM) node from Bridges 2 [7].
Figure 2 : Naive dense matrix transpose
Figure 3: Makefile extract for compiling program using the naive implementation.
Figure 4: Performance evaluation of intuitive implementation of transpose without and with compiler optimizations.
Figure 5: Control which code block should be optimized and which should not [13].
Figure 6: Signatures for various loop unrolling factors
Figure 7: Transpose with loop unrolling with #pragma.
Figure 8: Evaluating performance with different unroll factors, including without unrolling and with complete loop unrolling.
Figure 9: Blocking implementation with 4 nested loops.
Figure 10: Blocking implementation, performance evaluation.
Figure 11: Implementation using parallelization with omp and blocking.
Figure 13: Using MKL to apply transpose.
Figure 14: Performance of MKL library and using best implementation as baseline.




On technology, Africa, dissent, culture and life.

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R. F. Rweye

R. F. Rweye

On technology, Africa, dissent, culture and life.

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